FINALLY!! Pictures

Have you all been waiting with bated breath? Or did you forget about it entirely?

Here at last are rattlesnake pictures. It was a Mohave Green Back BTW. At least, That's what we call them around here.

Here are the kids examining the headless snake. The body was still coiling and striking for a while, even after it lost it's head.

The Genius Husband also knows how to skin and cook a rattlesnake. This is not his first.

Watching Daddy.

And the Girl, zealously eating something that could kill her, And asking for seconds. And thirds.


  1. Oh, my! Does it taste like chicken?

  2. Gross. And awesome.

  3. Hee hee ... the dogs look like they want a piece too! [:-)
    Thanks for the pics!
    Rachel in Idaho

  4. Darth Doc10:18 AM

    Snake is delicious. Very cool.


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