Another winner

But first, here are all of the people who linked back to this story about Chala and the refugee kids.

Again, thank-you all for the attention you gave this.

In no particular order.

1. Like Merchant Ships

2. It all started with a kiss

3. One money dummy getting smarter

4. Suburban Turmoil

5. Mama Tulip

6. Journey Mama

7. Klaty Family Blog

8. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

9. June Cleaver

10. Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper

11. Owlhaven

And the random number generator says entry number 2. So Tamra, you won a bag.

I'll get things ready for you to choose one soon.

And, I thought I would point you all over here to help Embejo, who reads and comments here pretty regularly. She needs some help with a goodwill project that got a little bigger than she planned.


  1. Shucks, you missed mine. I didn't post because I assumed you picked up trackbacks. Maybe not? It's at http://am.paulukonisstudio.com/archives/795

  2. I am so sorry annmarie. Blogger doesn't support trackbacks, something I was only peripherally aware of at best. Theres probably something I can upload to check it but I've never thought to. I wonder who else I missed.

  3. Wow! Thank you! I'm so excited to pick one out!

  4. Embejo5:33 PM

    Thanks for the link Carrien....I really appreciate it...


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