Pictures From Thailand

Well, I finally got pictures posted from the GH's Thailand trip.

As I already told you, the money we raised here was enough for 40 or so refugee kids to move to a new district, closer to schools and hospitals, and where they will be able to get Thai papers.
Here are some of them.
This is Chala. He takes care of them, along with his wife and MIL.

Here's some of what else happened. They weren't able to get into the refugee camps because they were "closed".

They did get into Burma
for a day or two to meet some people on that side of the border.

And they visited a lot of villages.

here's where they slept

and this is a kitchen

Our plans for the future of The Charis Project are more definite.

We want to provide a support network that will help the people like Chala who are taking care of kids who have no families. There are a lot of "children's homes" which are basically people who won't say no to kids who have no where to stay. They are isolated and don't have any resources. We want to connect them, help them, raise money for them, and so help the kids to stay within their own culture and grow up with their own language and customs.

And we're researching about helping to start a rice milling operation in the villages that would be community owned and benefit everyone while bringing in some economic incentive.

Thanks again for all of the support you have given. I am so blessed to have such generous and caring readers.

To see the rest of the pictures you can go here to Thailand Trip.


  1. Sounds like great aspirations! I hope you are successful.

  2. I wasn't able to give much, but I'm glad I gave a small donation anyway. Reading this update was so exciting!

  3. So glad to see pictures! Thanks for posting them.

  4. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Good work Carrien and family....you guys are the best.



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