Pictures of Chala's Kids

I'm so excited. I just got my hands on these pictures last Friday and I wanted to show them to you before anyone else. My BIL just got home from Thailand a week ago and one of the treasures he brought with him is these pictures he took of the kids that Chala is taking care of in their new house.

Here are some of them in the back yard clearing space for a vegetable garden.

See those bags behind this boy sweeping? That's rice. It makes me glad to see food there again.
And those bottles are all fresh drinking water. It is shockingly expensive to buy clean drinking water for a household of +40. I'm hoping we can get them a decent water filtration system soon.
My BIL's rented motor cycle, and more kids tidying for his visit. They go through a lot of laundry soap too washing clothes for all of those kids. Imagine multiplying your weekly laundry by at least 10. Gah.
And here they are all lined up to eat. It just makes me smile.

Pat yourselves on the back people, you helped to make this happen. Thank-you again from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the kids as well.

In case any of you were wondering how the presentation went on Sunday, it was pretty good. We got a lot of really useful feedback and with one more practice run I think we'll be able to get at the heart of what we want people to know without getting too side tracked.

It turns out my biggest challenge is going to be not sobbing in the middle of it. They kept asking me to go into more detail. "Our audience may not know that much about what's happening in Burma right now can you give a little more detail?"

Well I can give a lot more detail, but I was barely making it through a practice run just briefly skimming the surface of the situation. Turns out I can't talk about things like organized ethnic oppression, and children whose parents have been killed by a horribly mismanaged and paranoid government, and I can't talk about what happens to children who are captured and exploited for the sex trade or kept in refugee detention centers, without getting emotional. It's really hard to get words out past the giant lump that forms instantly when I start to talk about it. I can't type it without tearing up.

One thing's for sure, I won't be wearing mascara a week from Tuesday, just in case.


  1. They are all such beautiful children. Precious. UGH! I can't blame you. Try waterproof makeup. That is my secret..

  2. so who are you talking to next week and what is the specific goal of your talk?


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