What $35 will buy

In the US $35 can buy a lot of things.

A pair of jeans for instance. If they aren't a really expensive brand name.

3 or 4 shirts from the clearance rack at Target.

A pair of nice shoes.

Dinner out. (Depending on where you go and how many tag along.)

One coffee/day for a month. If you only buy $1 cups of coffee.

10 Starbucks mocha frappuccinos.

2-3 books on your amazon wish list.

A tank of gas, maybe.

4 1/2 pounds of T-bone steak on sale at the grocery store.


Food, clothing, shelter, safe transport to and from school and a home where they are loved for a child like Saewong whose parents were killed by the Burmese Army.

That's what $35 will buy. Most of us, by making a few adjustments to our daily routine; like walking more, or making coffee at home, eating less meat, or just buying fewer things, could afford to take care of a child who has nothing, every single month.

Wouldn't that be worth it?

To sponsor a child go here.

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