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First read this. Thailand Bound - Finally - We need your help

I've been imagining the letter I want to write at the end of next year to everyone who has been giving regular monthly support to Baan Saeng Saiwan, the orphanage that we started with in 2008..

It will say,
Thank-you for your faithful support of this orphanage over the past several years. These kids couldn't have made it without you. I am very pleased to inform you that this home is now completely self sufficient financially and no longer requires outside support. Please feel free to redirect your support to another home.
Wouldn't that be the most awesome letter ever in the history of non-profits? I think so. I'm hoping you will help us to make it a reality.

Some of you came here because a friend told you you should and you are wondering to yourself, "Why on earth should I give my hard earned cash to support a family living in Thailand for a year or two? What does that accomplish?"

Do me a favor and watch this video.

That's what we're aiming for.

Give us 2 years in Thailand and we should be able to get an orphanage that cares for more than 30 children currently to being completely self sustaining. Not only that, but each of those kids will be receiving an education in entrepreneurship and business skills so that when they become adults they will be able to start and run successful businesses that provide an income for themselves and strengthen their communities as well. We will have successfully transitioned a traditional orphanage, completely dependent on donor support to an empowered, self supporting, community building entity.

Second, we will be laying the groundwork to set up family style, long term childcare, communities that are supported through businesses that the community establishes and runs. We will be empowering impoverished communities to care for their own.

We've been working on this for 5 years now. We've not been paid for any of it. We've given it all of our extra time, energy, and money for that long. We would keep doing it for free if we could figure out how to eat and still be able to give it the hours now required.

this is not a great picture. getting us all in the same place at the same time, and clean, for one of these is not my strong suit. I think the boy is in stage makeup for Peter Pan still.

If you think that the above is a worthy goal for a family to accomplish then please consider making us and The Charis Project a central part of your regular charitable giving, as we devote our lives for the next several years to make this vision a reality.

Remember every donation of $20 gets entered into the raffle for a brand new iPad.

We will be selling everything and risking loss for our family to make this happen, fully aware of the risk that it entails. We think being able to accomplish our vision is worth the discomfort of standing so far out on a limb so fragile. We hope you will be the safety net we need underneath.

We are simply asking for the privilege of being your love extended to where the world needs it most.

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