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This blog has been around since 2006. A lot can happen in that time. I've grown up quite a bit since I started it. I know that writing this blog has been a part of that journey. While other bloggers who started around the same time have spent all that time becoming internet superstars, my role has been to simply tell the story, as faithfully as I can, of what can happen with one little heart that chooses to say yes to life, to the people that come my way in need of love, and yes to the God who sends them. Not for fame or book contracts, though those are super cool, but just because I need to tell the story I'm living, in all it's stumbling broken glory.

When I started this blog I was "a woman at a crossroads of my function as life-giving, care taking, mother of 3, and in search of significance and purpose that is beyond these functions, or rather, intertwined with them in ways that I have been ill trained by western culture to appreciate." These days I find that I am at peace with those questions. Now I just hope I can do my best with the work I have been given to do, and the people I have been trusted with. I understand now that every good thing is a gift. Every breath a miracle. I don't deserve such rich blessings, but they are given nonetheless.

Now, also thanks largely to this blog and the generosity of my regular readers, I'm the secretary, CFO, and administrator (read jack of all trades) for The Charis Project, an organization we started in 2008 to provide ways to care for refugee children from Burma, living in Thailand. We've been able to keep 45 kids alive, fed, safe, and in school for more than 5 years now since we started. We are creating a model for a self sustaining orphan care that transforms impoverished communities through entrepreneurship.

In the spring of 2013 we moved our family of 6, with a baby on the way to Thailand in order to be closer and more hands on with the development of that model. We plan to be in the country for at least 2 years to bring the prototype home to completely self sustaining and to develop a second model for a self sustaining child care community that is community based and sustained.

I have 5 children. The Boy is 11, the Girl is 9, Little is 6. Shiloh is the name we gave to the baby I miscarried in 2009. Bam Bam, formerly known as Jellybean, was born in August 2010. Dek was born in Thailand in June of 2013.

Bam Bam
When I started writing this blog I called my husband Aaron the Genius Husband, GH for short, because he kinda is. People who know him in real life tend to agree. He has more original thoughts in a day than anyone I have ever met, and he asks the questions that it never occurred to me to ask. Of course, the way he thinks is so different than most people that we joke that he needs me to translate whatever he is trying to say into human, since I have spent years figuring out how to understand him, but that goes with the genius territory I suppose. I still believe that choosing to marry him was one of the best choices of my life. Also he's an amazing cook.

Making me my birthday cake. 4 whole pounds of chocolate!
He knows the way to my heart/stomach, whatever.
I wrote a children's book. My sister in law illustrated it. I'm working on getting it published so you can read it.

I stay at home, I cook from scratch, I home school, I'm alternative when it comes to childbirth and health care and I think, a lot. I find I don't often write anecdotal accounts of the everyday. Usually I write about what's going on in my head and heart as I'm picking up after people and wading through laundry and paper work, and dishes, lots and lots of dishes.

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